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Everyone wants to be more active, happier, live longer, and enjoy the benefits of living healthier by not buying into the poisons of big pharma and the greed of offering you treatments and not wanting to actually allow you to find a cure.

Your creator made you capable of healing your body naturally by creating the plants and animals that we depend upon for survival.  Modern medicine quite often chemically develops products that you consume that are not natural and build up in your system creating much of the disease and health issues that we are seeing at an alarming rate of increase over the last few years.  This group HEALTHY LIFESTYLES will cover your resourse to products natural in nature or products not know to have any nasty side effects.   There will be many opinions and beliefs along with testimonials within this group that is not necessarilly endorsed but is here for you to make your own intelligent decision as to trial and use of the products.  During the last several years doctors have been developing changing views as to healing properties of parmacutical drugs and natural medicine.  If you have any medical concerns it is strongly suggested that you consult your doctor prior to use especially if you are on any other medications that may conflict with anything you find recommended on this site.

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Daryl Purchase

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Benefits of L-Taurine

Vegan Lifestyle

Vegan lifestyle is catching on with many with great benefits allowing your body to do more natural healing.  The more naturally grown foods from chemicals are indicating less potential disease from parties who consume that style of diet.

There are power and performance groups that are very competitive where the entire teams are made up of individuals on vegan diets.

Check out this link to Scott Shetlers site "Plant Based Performance".

Harmful Foods

Great Video on Common Sence and amazing facts about your diet

Fitness and Exercise Lifestyle

Being physically active at the proper levels through out a persons aging years has shown great conditioning effects and increased production in ones later years.

Five Main Food Groups

This has been a topic for discussion over the years where authorities claim 4, 5, 6 or 7 food groups 

are necessary in the proper diet.  The five groups listed below 

are current dietary recommendations 

set forth by the U.S. Department of Agriculture




Protein Foods


Foods to avoid

These foods are ones that you should consume with knowledge of effects they may have and should be considered not to be eaten in excess.

Foods for Healing

These food are found to have very high values for maintaining health

Natural Remedies

These are natural occurring plants and substances that have been shown for beneficial results in maintaining or healing the body on the inside and out.

Supplemental Products for Healing

These products have been researched to have no harmful chemicals and are being studied for the potential ability to fight many diseases.

Sozo - Product line that is powered by COFFEE BERRY which has been shown to have high includes Wrinkle removing cream, Energy drinks, nutritional beverage, weight loss coffee, great tasting coffees,

Dr. Dom speaking on Pruvit and Ketone benefits and studies

   Pruvit On Demand Theraputic Ketones

Just Try It

Ketones and Ketosis


Do You want ultimate performance from the

best performance enhancing product available.

Learn more about Ketones  by clicking here.

Great Products for General Health


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Xanthohumol - Hops Plant.  Miracle Molecule - Meridium $79 Through SOZO / $50 through BioActive / $25 through Elvacity with $50.00 retail pricing when at Business level.


Spray Collagen

More products to soon follow.  Equate, Travel, Much more.

New Science

Do we now have access to the Master Molecule? 

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Leading Health & Nutrition Web Sites


Neurologic Medicine



Misc. Health Articles

  1. EMF Alliance Report
  2. What are the Biological Effects of EMF?
  3. June Russell's Health Facts on Microwave Ovens
  4. Using Electric Appliances and Lights

        1.  Relieves Nausea

          2.  Arthritis

          3.  Digestion

          4.  Reduces Respiratory Problems

          5.  Motion Sickness

          6.  Fights Ovarian Cancer

          7.  Lowers Cholesterol

          8.  Prevents Migraines

          9.  Prevents Blood Clots

         10.  Cold & Flu Prevention and Treatment


 Message Chair Videos


Eat Healthy
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