Profile Features
23rd of Jan,2019

Profile Features

Select MEMBERS on the main tab

When you log in you are directed at your profile page.

  • The left rail allows you to select what section you may want to enter, edit, or review.
  • Blue highlighted section is your current selected viewed page.
  • Green highlighted section tells you that you have entered information within that selection.
  • White Backgrounds are sections that no data has been entered due to not completed or that may not apply to you.
  • Add and change 4 photos displayed in your profile.
  • Any selection may be selected at any time you are logged in for entry, editing, or removal.
  • Completed section allow others who submit a search to locate your data entered.

The members profile search section currently offers 15 different searches.

  • Zip code radius searches occur from center of zip code to center of zip code as bird flies.
  • Search by selecting type of search you're interested in (Drop Down Selection)  
    • Examples: 
      • Personal Details
      • Personal Profile
      • Networks
      • Training Partners
      • Training Location
      • Certified Personal Trainers
      • Recognized Award Levels
      • Referee/Umpire/Judge
      • Promoters or Directors
      • Clubs/Organizations/Associations
      • Event Venue Location
      • Event Stage Equipment
      • Professional Services
      • Products & Equipment
      • Vendors
      • Volunteers
      • Promotional Model/Assistants
      • Performers
      • Photographers
      • Health Care Professional
      • Promotional Activities
  • Filter all searches by items like [State/Gender/Age Groups/Weight Class]