Infuse Deodorant Spray - Possesses Health Benefits and not Harmful Elements

Grab your deodorant / antiperspirant and look for the ingredients I’ve listed below.

We all like to smell good but you need to be careful with what you are putting on your skin.

I’ve emailed you before about how much your skin absorbs what you put on it.

That’s why I’m excited to introduce our new all-natural deodorant spray.

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It’s a safe alternative to mainstream deodorants and it is made with 100% all natural ingredients you can trust.

Our new deodorant spray only contains 5 extremely healthy ingredients.

Unlike many deodorants / antiperspirants it doesn’t contain the questionable ingredients below.

Take a look.

These are the 5 toxic ingredients in deodorant that have people worried:

1) Parabens

What is it: It’s a preservative.

Concerns: Experts worry that this ingredient will mess with your hormones — especially Estrogen production. Some worry this can lead to estrogen related diseases like certain forms of cancer.

2) Triclosan

What is it: It’s a pesticide that they use to kill bacteria.

Concerns: People worry that this will affect your hormones. There is also concern that it will negatively affect the balance of good bacteria in your armpits and body. Animal studies also found that this could potentially affect your thyroid.

This ingredient is in so many skin products that it’s estimated ¾ of Americans have trace amounts of it in their urine. Look for it in soaps and facial cleansers too.

3) Phthalates

What is it: It’s a pesticide that helps perfume stick to your skin.

Concerns: This ingredient may disrupt testosterone production and is currently being studied for its link to male fertility issues and asthma.

4) Aluminum

What is it: These small particles of aluminum are meant to clog your pores and block sweat.

Concerns: Many worry it may have a link to Alzheimer's and potentially cancer.

5) Fragrance

What is it: Mystery ingredient.

Concerns: Could be something you’re allergic to. Often one of the ingredients in deodorant or antiperspirant is just a mystery ingredient that goes by “perfume” which means you don’t know what it is and that can be scary when you are putting it on your skin.

When we made our new deodorant spray we chose ingredients that you can understand.

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You may not think much about the deodorant you use but you should.

What you rub on your skin matters.

Unlike ingesting something, when you put a substance directly on your skin there is nothing to filter out the toxins.

When you eat something your liver and kidneys help filter out harmful chemicals.

With your skin it’s a little different.

Toxins can end up directly in your blood and tests show that some of the ingredients in deodorant can pass through your skin very easily.

That’s why I implore you to stop using deodorant with ingredients that are potentially toxic for your skin.

Switch to a deodorant you can trust.

This all-natural deodorant does more than just block body odor.

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