Armwrestling IAF Directors



This group is by assignment from one of the group page administrators.   

Current Administrators being Bill Cox or Al Gross.

This is a closed group allowing any member to message all other members.  It also allows for information sharing of IAF tournaments by the other directors by having it's own forum you can post to.

GT All Sports was developed by Al Gross and as part of the promotion, of my sport of choice, I will allow all State Directors that Bill Cox recognizes; full privileges of information on this page.

First anyone listed on this page will be able to communicate with all others also listed as long as they are a member of this site.  Let's get everyone on board.  

Second anyone listed will be assigned the Full featured plan for EVENTS.  This allows when you post an event to re-post with just a date change.  You can also edit anytime, any search made for your event will allow comments, replies, photos, and video links to be posted to your event.  Most everyone out there all ready has events listed from the past that can be assigned to you for re-posting, editing, posting results, and all the comment features.

Other promoters from other organizations will have to pay for full features.

IAF Directors in Blue are currently assigned the Submission Program and are full members of GT All Sports for messaging by any other member in blue.  If your in Blue then all previously Events that you directed are available for you to re-post, edit, and have complete control. Call me to get set up or for further assignment if anything was missed.  Al Gross 706-428-2366.


* Bill Cox (MA) 508-947-8958

Josh Stark (CT) 860-863-5995

Harry & Priscilla Bean (NH) 603-524-2640

* Rick North (RI) 401-682-2271

George Sheldrick (VT) 802-352-1000

Matt Gundrum (NY) 518-466-5202

Sue Fischer (PA) 215-943-7813

Steve Carbone (NJ) 856-745-3753

Dave Marrocco (MD) 410-977-3800

Richard Gough (VA) 540-207-9996

Christina Casto (WV) 304-210-5185

* Willie Reagan (OH) 419-554-8590


* Al Gross (GA) 706-428-2366

Blake Lott (SC) 843-557-3695

Cassie & Dusty Walker (TN) 731-803-0505

Bo Kirby (MS) 601-278-5414

* Chris Coletti (FL) 850-865-9330


Tony Kitowski (WI) 715-316-8084

* Jim Jensen (ND) 701-578-4548

Derek Wirth (IN) 812-454-8574

Leander Bonnett (WI) 920-980-4109

Zach Bickett(SD)


Steven King (TX) 915-803-6343

Livingston Vaught (TX) 713-454-4027

Jake Davis (AR) 870-723-9628

Matthew Craft (LA) 318-716-2080

Jim Coyle (OK) 918-260-2134

Michael Ware (MO) 816-703-9047



Scott Mathews (WA) 360-703-1233

Dusty Eiden (MT) 406-850-8463

Summer & Jeff Kirby (UT) 436-862-9196

Ray Cote (CA) 760-590-4413

James Orlando (CA) 707-373-9935

Anthony Thomlison (CO) 970-459-0971



Hellenic Armwrestling Association Greece Vice-President Kolettis Andreas e-mail: info

Steel Arm Tercia Club. Nicaragua Gerald Salazar

Spartans Armwrestling Team Chile Jorge Andres Reyes Flores, Major Organizer, Manage & Professional Coach.

Asociacion De Pulso De Santo Domingo Inc Domin=can Republic
Osvaldo Cabrera (Pres)

Peruvian Armwrestling Association Peru Carlos Mendoza (President) or

Lutcha De Brazos Uruguay Pulseada Uruguay Fede Falcon (Pres)

Argentina Association Argentina Simon Ragone (Pres)

Mexican Armwrestling Fed. Mexico Pablo Ruiz (Pres)

Strong Arm Club: Orlando Nicaragua Orlando Tinoco (Pres)