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The Founder and Desire to create this site!

The founder of this site, Albert Gross, was originally from St. Petersburg, FL and became a law enforcement officer in 1974 with the City of St. Petersburg and retiried in 2000.  During that time period he participated in the Police Olympics in many different sports.  His favorite sport was Arm Wrestling in which he received many awards at State, National, and International Police competitions.  During this period he met Raymond Taglione who refereed the FL State Police Olympics.  After encouragment from Ray, he started to attend open competitions and also ran numerous Arm Wrestling competitions in Florida and Georgia.  One of the largest obstacles for a person to train in armwrestling was to find others to train with to obtain "TABLE TIME" to build Speed, Power, Endurance & Technique that is so much needed in the sport.  Al would train one week in Temple Terrace with Eric Wolfe, then the next week end may be in Orlando with Carl Shaffer, then possibly in Lakeland where Cliff Freeman would meet us at the All American Gym, another week at his house in St. Petersburg, and also many trips to Port Charlotte to train with Kevin Johns and Al Mond at Kevin's Gym.

Traveling was fun to obtain experience, but what do you do when you have recently moved or are on vacation and want to locate locations and others close to train with?

During this time Eric Wolfe moved to Arizona and created a web site for arm wrestlers.  He placed a thread for others to comment if they offered a place to train.  The page became overwhelmed with a ton of replies from all around the world.  I spent hours on the site and became intrigued but also frustrated in having to look at hundreds of listings to find someone possibly within a 100 mile radius of where I lived and could train.  As time went by I decided to try to develop a better system.

Around 2012 I decided to take a stab at building a web site for a few bucks to promote armwrestling.  I wanted to grow the sport and produce ways to overcome obstactacles that I had noted.

I obtained a web site and used the web builder routine.  I found that if you want to write an article it worked great but that was not giving me the input and search capabilites I was looking for.  After a lof of frustration with no real back ground in professional web site development I went to a local computer shop and explained to the owner my needs.  He said he would see what he could do.  A few weeks later he called me and stated he had built 100's of sites but he was not knowledgeable of building a site with my specification.  He referred me to much larger team oriented company in Cleveland, TN.  I followed his recommendation and met with the new company.  A contract was signed for seveal thousand dollars and they started building my site.  A couple of weeks later I met to see the progress.  The site was not doing nearly what I desired.  They then started over again with another attempt by using a totally different platform.  Again the progress still was not able to give me the agreed upon results.  After many discussions and attempts, results still did not seem possible with normal platforms.   Another week later they then presented me with another company, Your Membeership, which was an annual fee based useage platform offering many of the features I required.  This company is by far the best company I know of but had an annual expensive fee attached of several thousand dollars each year.   The GT All Sports site was built on this very developmental platform being the most featured site yet.  My needs were very specific so I started to link from the site to special routines.  Out side programmers were doing development of these special needs.  After a few years went by, with more outside development, the annual fee for my membership was coming up again.  I decided that I was not far off from developing my entire web site using all my own code seeing that many of the complex coded routines were all ready owned by me.  What you see now when you visit GT All Sports as a unique platform being designed specifically for the needs of our users.

The site is under constant development with most all the bugs worked out in basic structure. This includes profile building/searches, event building/searches, and connection building with mass messaging,  Please see the help menu for documentation to benefit fully from all the built in features.  Not only does this site function for armwrestlers, I currently have 99 different sport competitive groups and a total of 180 total groups.  The site offers zip code radius searches on both events and members profile listings.

Currently under construction are programs to run brackets and also do automated Vendor notification on events listed.

This site is fully functional with basic functions, is designed for the entire USA by zip code radius searches, offering free membership, and promotes activites to many categories including Sport Competitions, Non-Competitive Sports, Health & Nutrition, Promotional, and Beliefs and Blessings.