Daryl Purchase links on Sozo Coffee Berry

These have human clinical trials which have proven the powerful antioxidant capabilities and health benefits by moving important bio-markers in the system.

This has been in development for a decade and is about to have some additional new HUMAN peer reviewed clinical trials revealed in couple weeks.

Doctors and athletes using have been extremely impressed by the results. This moves biomarkers which means it actually does improve health.

Review the information and I have included a doctor who has used these products for about quite some time and is his predominant go to for improving patients' health who is willing to communicate with you.

This is important in helping cancer and reducing or elimination of inflammation caused diseases.


     1)  GOOGLE : “Mark Adams” owner of SoZo Global, and  Forbes with search for Mark Adams.


     2) LINK TO MY RELATIONS SITE: has more links to technical, medical and scientific data. http://coffeefruits.com/

     3) Talk about SoZo with a chiropractorwho has used for some time? Contact Dr Galli    Galli@gvtc.com


      4)   CLICK ATTACHMENT ABOVE :Although promoting another product it does a good job in giving an explanation of Polyphenols.

         SoZo has all most all of the fruit and vegetables mentioned in this article and many of the ingredients hold patents.

      5) Protandim : small sample of information on one of the products that SOZO would be in competition with .  

          Google Request the list of the 20 universities that are conducting studies. 

          Universities do not conduct studies unless someone is paying them to do so, short term studies will cost $150,000 to $200,000. 

          Protandim hasn't done HUMAN clinical studies.






        6) LINK TO DARYL'S SITE:www.sozolife.com/darylpurchase