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GT All Sports does not guarantee the accuracy, nor necessarily agree or support comments submitted.  If you find questionable content we are always happy to review and attempt to manage any content as professional and accurate as possible.  Please submit a CONTACT US form in order to allow us to maintain proper control over content for our viewers and members.


This is a free membership site *.  

  • The entire profile section is available with no fees attached.  List your information for free where others can search and find your information.

  • 6 event submissions are free to all users during every calendar year Jan. - Dec..
    • Directors and/or Promoters desiring additional event submissions may pay additional fess for unlimited event submissions.  ( * Try the free package, enter 6 free, and  if you desire more the unlimited package availability is then good for the next 365 days.)

  • Business Logo/s submitted during the content building phase are free.  Be advised that the logo must be appropriate for the page/s where they will be posted.  Administration of the site may control excessive number or properly placed content.

  • Members Log In allows access to  Your Personal Members Vault.  It gives you direct access to edit and maintain all your features:
    • Personal Profile
    • Event Submission and Packages
    • All Events you submitted for quick access to Edit or Re-post with new date.  
      • Annual Events are a breeze after your initial completion!
        • Re-post
        • Change date
        • Any needed edits.
        • Your Done
    • Preferences (Under Construction - Available Soon)
      • Ability to control desired notifications and other changes to your personal preferences
    • Change Account Password
    • Inbox for Stored Messages between members (Under Construction - Available Soon)
    • Connections 
      • Manage other members that you have chosen to connect with
      • Create folders to group your connections
      • Connected individuals may be placed in as many groups that you wish to associate them with.
      • Messaging entire selected groups available soon.
    • View GROUPS from your current membership selections.  (Shortcut to your selected group/s)
    • Network Linking to other Social Media Web Sites

  • Fees may be charged for special advertising, request add on features or make special requests.

  • Any content deemed, by GT All Sports Staff, in appropriate will be removed. 


GTAllSports is built for the end users source of information.

  • Professionals within groups are encouraged to make suggestions, develop content, and share their knowledge to other group members.

  • GTAllSports aims at being a safe and family oriented site for all sports, health, nutrition, and social events.

  • The site does not charge for basic membership and features.

  • Expenses to operate this site will be derived from Professional use of the site where users can add special features to boost promotional appearance within their activities they choose.  Special requested advertising and other special requests may also be fee based.

  • Members profiles and events submitted are controlled by each member where they can edit at any time.