Tournament Screen

This is a sample page from our soon to be released Double Elimination Tournament Bracketing program.

There will be a development/usage fee for use to make your next tournament a breeze to run your brackets 

visible on remote monitors view-able by others.

Build your own brackets, save, and re-publish to your next tournament including editing features.

You build your brackets, include fees, enter competitors, and then run your tournament by selecting the winner to advance to next competitor.

Enter or select any bracket to run at any time.  Competitors Remaining are displayed for your convenience.

Create more sponsors by the rotating ad space along the right side.  

One small fee for each event you use this program and make additional extra cash included in our ad space builder.

Finish your tournament and then send results back to the event page where results are immediately view-able by anyone doing an event search for your event.

Information is pulled for each competitor from their free profile as a free member of GT All Sports.  

You just do a simple search as they register and select competitor which then automatically builds their information, 

(Photo, Name, City, State, and short note the competitor submits) 

Do you want to test or make suggestions during this development?  

Call me for access to connect to current development for your review and recommendations.

Al Gross 706-264-0496