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Values of Life

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Values of life vary greatly among society.  This page is not intended to offend anyone but to suggest and share different values held by others.  We often look at our own values but shy away from other's values we do not understand.  It seems like we all need to look at why someone's values are different than ours.

Value (ethics and social sciences)

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Elders Raised Beliefs


1. Co-signing is not a small favor, quit asking people to do that. 

2. Those extra rooms you see in people's houses are for visiting, not for you to live in for free/long term.

3. Somebody's good job is not your meal ticket, stop getting mad when they don’t live up to your expectations of them taking care of you.

4. How someone spends the money they earn is not any of your concern nor is it ANY of your business. 

5. When your age reaches over 18 years old, Your parents or grandparents are not your financial supporters anymore 

6.  It is not ok to spend all your money having fun and expect the one who sacrificed and saved to make sure you’re not hungry. 

7.  If you don’t have a car and ask for a ride, gas isn’t free.

8.   If a person seems to have more than they need, work as hard as they have if u wanna be like them 

9.  If you borrow something make sure you return it. If it’s a car return it with a full tank of gas. 

10.  Don’t take the ones who love you for granted !!!!

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