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Yes all the below listed information is on this site and free to use.

  • Yes we have this group page developed for you where you can blog with others on advertising ideas related to the sports, health, and nutritional world.
  • List your event free on this site.
    • List up to 6 events annually for free.
    • Edit your event at any time.
    • Re-Post an Event where your entire event will be created by a simple date change, etc...(  What a Time Saver  )
    • Events are view-able by signed in members or non-members without a sign in.
    • Use the URL of the event on other social media sites etc. for direct linking to your event.
    • Event allow comments by any signed in user along with replies to comments, photo, and video linking.
    • Event creator and/or commentators on an event can select if they want e-mail notifications when some one responds.
  • Are you hosting an event?  This is a free search area on this site.  Members on this site list their specialties free as listed below.
    • Cold Contacts are not needed here - Locate others with a profile search on specific involvements pertaining to your event
      • Search for Referees, Judges, or Umpires for your event
      • Search for Promoters or Directors within your desired category
      • Search for the Venue to host your event
      • Search for Stage equipment for your event
      • Search for Professionals/Coordinators to help run your event
      • Search for Vendors to offer their products at your event
      • Search for Volunteers to help with your event
      • Search for Promotional Models / Assistants for your event
      • Search for Performers to entertain at your event
      • Search for Photographers to capture and promote your event
    • All the above searches are free and can be searched by Zip code radius, State, while searching the above selected category

Sports, Health, and Nutritional Advertising Ideas!

GT All Sports offers more groups to list and find events than other sites.  

Event Searches allow:

  • Searching by Group
  • Searching by Date
  • Searching by Zip Code Radius

Event Listings allow:

  • Events you submit are listed within your login pages
  • Editable at any time by log in of person creating event only
  • Comments, Photos, and Video Links may be attached by other members
  • Notes section attached to every event is only viewable by initiated persons log into that event
    • Who was involved in the set up, volunteers, contacts, special notes you can look up and use on future events easily located to build your next event
  • Re-Post any assigned event in a fraction of the time by hitting the re-post button and making a date change
  • Events are immediately viewable by others with full search capabilities
  • Select if you want to be notified when comments are made
  • 6 Free Event Listings per year are included with your free membership

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